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Mitchell McConnell Insurance Ltd. has been a fixture in the Saint John community for over 80 years. We have built our business on a foundation of honest values and customer loyalty. Our national stature has expanded our ability to insure a diverse cross-section of risks that go well beyond the basic "Home and Auto" insurance package to include recreational vehicles, in-home business, rental properties and much more.

We represent only licensed Insurance Companies, of which all are leaders in the industry, such as Northbridge/Zenith Insurance, Aviva Insurance, and Intact Insurance.

Convenience is important to our clients, and we offer varying approaches to our service, depending on what they want. From internet-based interaction, and telephone service, to in-home visits by our friendly associates, we let you decide, not the other way around. And of course, we still welcome the visits to our office in the city for a hot cup of coffee and a friendly chat.

What does Personal Insurance cover?

Personal insurance is insurance protection on personally owner automobile or property owned by an individual or family. Personal Insurance provides coverage to property owned and also for liability that protects individuals from losses they can not afford to cover on their own. This type of insurance makes it possible to do things such as drive a car, owning a home, rent an apartment without risking financial ruin in the event of a claim.

Common Types of Personal Insurance are:

• Private Passenger Automobile
• Recreational Vehicles - ATV’s, Snowmobiles,
• Motorhomes and Travel trailers
• Homeowners
• Condominium Insurance
• Tenants or Renters Insurance
• Seasonal Dwellings
• Rental Dwellings
• Scheduled Articles - speciality insurance
• Personal Umbrella Insurance - higher limits of liability


Who needs Personal    Insurance?

Personal Insurance may be a requirement of law, such as having liability insurance to operate a motor vehicle on a public road. It may be a condition of terms from a bank lending money for the purchase of a motor vehicle or home in order to protect their financial exposure and finally it provides the individual the feeling of safety from financial ruin from having their property damaged or destroyed when they can not necessarily afford to have it.


What is the cost of Personal Insurance?

The cost of Personal Insurance will vary depending upon a number of risks factors as determined by the insurance company, they say no two risks are exactly alike. This is true for personal insurance. Similarly with insurance companies, they have their own rates and their own guidelines and what may or may not be covered with one may not be the case with another, always look around in the marketplace.

For automobile insurance some of the factors that go into the pricing are type of vehicle, use and where the vehicle is
operated, the number of drivers, their claims and conviction experience are all common factors in rating.

For property insurance some of the factors include, the type of structure including building materials used, fire protection
such as hydrants being nearby which could provide a water source in the event of fire and prior claims experience are commonly used to price property insurance.

There are many aspects of a personal insurance policy and far to many to be covered here We invite you to call one of our knowledgeable agents to discuss your insurance needs and request a no obligation quote

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