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80 Years of Innovation!

"To build lifetime relationships with our clients by providing superior insurance advice, service, and value always with understanding and respect."

Covering all the bases!

Comprised of a talented team of insurance experts and support staff, we continue to expand upon our reputation of excellence in the field of Insurance and Risk Management. We are a full service brokerage, offering risk management services, property/casualty insurance, and life and accident cover to both our personal lines customers, and our corporate clients. 
Understanding that the role we play for our clientele is critical to peace of mind, and security, we strive to expand our knowledge and service capacity, always with an eye to concepts and innovation that are easy to understand and employ common sense.

MMI -- International Specialists!

Mitchell McConnell Insurance has held a position of prestige within our community for most of the last century, and today, boasts a broad international presence in highly specialized fields of Risk Management. We are proud to still have a strong local presence, and will never lose sight of our roots!



Offering experience and expertise that is without peer in many fields, we are proud to say that if there is a need, we can help. MMI boasts strong relationships with financially sound Canadian Carriers, and we also have exclusive associations with international underwriters for risks that have unique needs. We strive to be the "one-stop-shop" for all of our clients' needs.


Risk Management

Speaking from experience, we know that as well as one might be protected with insurance, having a claim is at best a discomforting experience. Fire, theft, liability issues and business interruption are but a few of the uncountable misfortunes that can befall a business. With a little preparation and forethought, we can help you reduce your chances of having a loss, and , if the unthinkable DOES happen, we can help to reduce its severity. 
Sometimes things happen that fall outside the scope of an insurance policy. It is in these circumstances that plans and contingencies can mean all the difference. Our certified Risk Managers can help you build such a plan. We can provide you with actual loss data specific to your industry, augmented by our training and experience.




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